Friday, December 21, 2012

Critical Mass

Critical Mass 
Collective Agreement Creates Momentum


“The critical mass of enlightenment can be defined as the smallest number of awakened human beings whose collective influence can initiate a significant shift in global consciousness.”- John Hogue

"Critical- significant-intense-heightened
Mass- accumulation-collection-immensity"

Consider the sayings “Chain Reaction”, “Ripple Affect” and “Tipping the Scales”. Next imagine how you feel when observing a ‘good deed’, such as someone sharing a kind act with another person- be it at work, in a shopping center, walking down the street or driving in your car. The observation of such has the potential to influence the way you feel and perceive the world around you. This ‘tips the scales’ and can influence how you will in turn re-act to situations as they arise in your life.

Yesterday I was witness to such beautiful humanity on my travels. An elderly woman in her seventies gets on the bus and as she makes her way down the aisle, the bus driver hit the brakes suddenly. This causes the woman to wobble and loose her balance. She reaches out to grasp at something- anything- so as not to fall. Suddenly ten arms stretch out to brace her. She is steadied, held, and lightly guided to a seat-by these many mysterious hands. As the bus slows, she sits comfortably and smiles at everyone around her. We all smile at each other and nod our heads. A collective sigh of relief is released- not only from those whose hands steadied the woman to her seat, but also from those who are simply observing the experience.

When you smile, others cannot help but smile too. Your positive presence creates a ripple effect that has the potential to touch everyone around you. That effect can create a chain reaction. Imagine the people you share a smile with throughout your day. And of those that let the smile ‘in’, imagine them bringing that 'smile frequency' into their own circles- the smiles go on and on and on- until a many fold of people who were possibly not smiling before this experience- are now with a new filter on how they perceive and receive life’s experiences.

Think about it- if you are mostly miserable, depressed and cynical, most of what you experience will be filtered through those lenses of perception, and so give rise to you viewing life with misery and pessimism.

What we focus on is what we are privy to experiencing.

Equally so, if we are mostly grateful, positive and optimistic, well then- our experiences will be filtered through those lenses of perception and so give rise to viewing life with graceful contentment.

Here are some examples of how Critical Mass works and what it is in every day life. Remember when hybrid cars were a far away dream? Or when cell phones were for the few? What about eco/green technologies? ... And brining your own shopping bags with you to the supermarket? And what about Lady Gaga! A lot of these concepts were invisible ‘ideas’, until they were given suffiecient thought, feeling, belief and vision by enough people as to create a 'Chain Reaction’ in consciousness about them- thus activating a ‘Ripple Effect’ amongst the masses and in turn ’Tipping the Scales’ within our consciousness, until they became a reality for us all to perceive. These days many of us automatically bring our own bags to Trader Joes, and even my 87 year old grandmother has a cell phone, writes texts and knows who Lady Gaga is!

In all of these cases a tipping of the scales and ‘Critical Mass’ had to be reached within the realm of collective consciousness before these concepts and creations could be mainstay- as staples of our every day life. The same can be done with the concepts of Love and Liberation, or Fear and Violence. 

Today is December 21st, 2012. For many years this date has been spoken of as the ‘End of Time(s)’, or the “End of the World’. It is through Critical Mass that we have come to learn these terms through many forms of media and as such, we have added our own interpretations. I offer the following insight at this juncture.

Consider the ‘time-phase’ of 12.21.12 as the beginning of a collective exodus of consciousness that anyone can join whenever they feel to. Along this migration, the journey moves us from thinking through life with our minds, to feeling our way through life via our hearts.

A collective of humanity, compassion & optimism is evident in the world, and is reaching Critical Mass in our shared visions of reality. As this Critical Mass of Love and Peace rises, so too will its dual reality, that of Fear and Violence, and an alter-exodus thus is also on the rise- that of a fear based reality. We may meander back and forth between the two, unsure which to choose. “How will I know which path to partake upon?” You may question.  It is ok to meander, simply remember that which makes you feel happy and that which inspires you to do good, be good and grow in peace and joy with your families and communities are equal to the frequencies that build global unity.

“Personal Transformation equals Societal Transformation”
-Deepak Chopra

 As we feel through our hearts, we exercise the energetic muscle of the ‘feeling heart’ and begin to appreciate that 'having faith' takes us beyond using logical reason. No longer is seeing believing, but believing is now what gives rise to seeing! We are now invited to participate in navigating the exodus of humanity. Or more over, we are now with greater awareness that we are already-indeed  navigating the path of existence we all share as human beings on this planet.

As we give our energy to creating in the world, consider consciously what is important to you. What do you want to focus on and create for yourself, families and communities? Consider how what you create and envision, in turn can create a chain reaction and ripple effect- thus tipping the scales in lighting the way for others that are seeking to find 'the way'. Through our choices and perspectives, what are space are we  holding for others? It is said that it takes only 1-5% of people to think and feel ‘positive’ to help others to shift into positivity too.

Living life is an intimate experience. We are connected to one another and all things and beings in an inseparable whole. Life is a relationship, a get-together with all of existence.. With a clear mind and open heart, what would you like to bring to the gathering? Bring it forth and Shine it into the world like the glorious fountain of infinite magnificence you are!

We can do, be and create anything we can see and feel within.




Un -"quoted" Text Copyright Tuesday May Thomas 2012