Tuesday, June 18, 2013



The phenomena of ‘Guru-itis’ happens when

a student places their teacher on a high pedestal, to be

later deeply disturbed by the realization of just how human

their teacher is. The student at once realizes how much 

they have come to identify the world, and themselves through 

the eyes of their teacher.

Relieving, and healing ‘Guru-itis’ usually leads to a

‘breakdown-breakthrough’ as depicted by the “Tower” card

of most tarot decks. The student sheds skins grown over

 time through taking on the ‘hide’ of their teachers, and they may 

crash-land while  coming back into alignment with their true self. 

This process can be earth shattering as everything a student grows to 

trust and feel secure in evaporates from sight.  Perceptions shift and in 

coming back to oneself, what once mystified you, leaves you 

altered and dismantled. 

There is an un-learning of all you have 

learned and a reconnection phase with ones 

higher self, as the 'teacher within' comes to 

its power. (Different from someone out side 

of the self, like your guru having all the 


This process can not be rushed, as it is quite a 

delicate and beautiful initiation. 

The student becomes their own master by peeling out

'truths' from previous teachings- making them their 

own by way of reconstructing the language and 

applications used.  

The refining and redefining of teachings bestowed unto the 

student by their 'Guru', in conjunction with the teachings of 

their own higher self comes into a light of  its own beauty. 

The Guru's job is done. A teacher is born.  (c)TuesdayMayThomas


Friday, June 7, 2013

The Invisible(s)

The Invisible(s)

I recall conducting private lectures from my bedroom at the age of eight years old. I would line up all the chairs of the house into a horseshoe shape and sit my stuffed animals throughout the seats, leaving space for my invisible friends who would inhabit the remaining chairs. My family laughed and called them ‘make believe’, but I knew better, I knew they were real.

I’d set up my chalkboard and draw diagrams while interpreting one of my mothers many books on UFO’s and the paranormal. My favorite book to read from was entitled “Psychic Sciences”. It included chapters on dream interpretation, palmistry, potions, the divining of playing cards and more! At this young age I was intrigued by a world that I new lye just beyond the one I saw.

I later checked books out from the library and recall being fascinated with accessing the ability to move things with my mind. Around the same time of life I was facilitating lectures with 'The Invisibles', I used to lay on my belly in bed with the covers pulled over my head. I would calm my mind, breathe deeply (as suggested in the books I read) and focus my energy into moving the pencil or eraser I had laid in front of me. I found the items would slowly move. At the time, this seemed like a purposeful practice to pursue- as I felt I would use it later in life. 

I used to wonder how telekinesis’ worked. How did the object know I was talking to it? How did it receive the signals I was sending? How could I move something with my mind? What was in the space in between, that connected me to the object?